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Anti-Aging, A Private Medical Practice & Wellness Center located in Hawthorne, CA

Welcome to our Practice

Revitalife Medical Center provides preventive medicine and wellness care to patients aged 40 and up in Hawthorne, California. Khoi Vu, MD, specializes in revolutionary anti-aging therapies that improve healing, balance hormones, and boost vital proteins inside the body. Patients can visit for a welcoming consultation to review options that increase their vitality. 

People experiencing pain and other debilitating symptoms routinely visit Revitalife Medical Center for relief. Their care plans start with a detailed initial evaluation that may involve blood hormone testing and strategies to gather helpful information. Providers make personalized recommendations based on a patient’s ultimate goals. 

Revitalife Medical Center provides hormone replacement therapy (HRT), ozone therapy, Prolozone® therapy and NAD+ therapy,  for better health and wellness. These treatments work to restore harmony within patients’ bodies for better mental or physiological well-being. 

The experienced providers at Revitalife Medical Center provide treatments like EMface® to align patients’ appearance with their revitalized sense of youthful well-being. Weight-loss services are also available for people interested in managing their weight and overall health. 

Ready for a consultation? Call Revitalife Medical Center or schedule a visit online at the office in Hawthorne, California, any time.

Inside our office
Our Mission
Dr. Vu has a holistic philosophy, and he focuses on balancing the body with bio-identical hormones, nutrition, supplements, and other natural remedies to give the body what it needs—so the body is able to heal itself through its own intelligence.