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Success Stories

Success Stories

“Doctor Vu changed my life, period! I went to see Dr. Vu for a back problem I was having and wound up discovering a whole new approach to healing unlike any doctor I had ever experienced before. His confident, caring, calming, spiritual bedside manner immediately put me at ease. He spent over an hour with me explaining traditional and innovative solutions to help me. We then discussed my weight problem, which after 5 years of CPK pizza and ice cream dinners rendered me into a single, 40 lb. overweight 65 yr old man. Dr. Vu introduced me to his weight loss program. Within 30 days of following the program religiously, (which was very easy to adjust to), I lost an unbelievable 45 lbs. I felt amazing, looked 20 years younger and met the women of my dreams. I cannot stress enough what a revelation it was to was to meet Dr. Vu. He is not only an incredible doctor with his finger on the pulse of the latest, cutting edge medical breakthroughs, but I also consider him a true friend. He operates from the philosophy of "Our Goal Is To Help You Heal Yourself" I have to say it is still working for me. I wouldn't EVER go to any other Doctor.
Thank you Dr. Vu”

— Richard G.

“Dr. Vu is awesome. He is extremely knowledgeable in weight loss and anti aging therapies. I have lost inches on my waist and boosted my energy level with his care. Natural treatments instead of medications with side effects. I recommend his center to anyone seeking a better quality of health and longevity!”

— Robert D., Las Vegas NV

“I can't say enough good things about Dr. Vu and his practice. I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle and eating right until I met with him! He has taught me so much about nutrition. I've lost over 30lbs with his help. He also helped to get my hormones balanced which is a huge part to working out and seeing changes. I highly recommend Dr. Vu!! Oh and his staff!!! Nicest assistants!! They are always so welcoming!!!”

— Constance C., Manhattan Beach CA

“I love this place! I have been coming here for the past 6 years and Dr. Vu has helped me immensely. I had a low thyroid condition I wasn't even aware of that Dr. Vu discovered and treated. He also has been extremely helpful with recommendations on what vitamins to take, given what my body is low on. I also love that Dr. Vu is more focused on treating an issue from the core, rather than treating the symptoms like most other establishments.
Dr. Vu is very knowledgeable and a great guy. Highly recommend this spot.”

— Kristin C., Los Angeles CA

“Dr. Vu has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. I went to him in a desperate state unsure of what was wrong with me. Another doctor recommended him to me because I prefer holistic medicine. He found right away that I had a severely under active thyroid and adrenal fatigue and put me on natural medication and supplements to treat it. I finally feel like myself again and am so much happier and healthier than I was before his treatment. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive, treating not just the body but the mind and soul as well. He has recommended several books to me that have helped me have a better outlook on life. He is a very comforting and professional doctor and his caring heart really shows. Everyone should go see Dr. Vu and get on track to being the happiest, most balanced versions of themselves. His staff is also equally knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again Revitalife!”

— Angela S., Hermosa Beach CA

“I came to Dr Vu initially because I was having symptoms of hormonal imbalances: hair loss, fatigue, memory issues. I've been seeing him for almost 6 months now and I cannot begin to tell you how much he has changed my health and well-being. I have experienced major changes in my skin tone and texture, my energy, my memory, my stamina and chronic aches and pains. To begin, he's the first doctor who was able to identify using thorough saliva, blood and temperature tests what no other doctor had been able to identify: hormone imbalances, low thyroid, low vitamin D, stressed adrenal glands, etc. I began using a prescription strength composted progesterone cream and I could feel a difference immediately! Rebalancing my hormones is only part of what Dr Vu has done for me. I explained to a friend that an office visit with Dr Vu is like attending a private graduate school class on the latest in "anti-aging" and wellness from a perspective of how the body works, how cells age, how supplements and diet play an important role and his method is of preventative do we make you feel better. His approach is to identify what is missing or off-balance in your body and replace those deficits through food, supplements, hormones, meditation and other alternatives that are not generally utilized, understood or accepted in traditional western medicine such as ozone therapy, muscle testing, tapping, meditation and neural therapy. I'm so thankful I found Dr. Vu when I did...I am a different person! I feel so much better and I see how passionate you are about what you do and how much you care about your patients. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

— Sarah B., Palos Verdes Peninsula CA

“Dr. Vu is such an amazing doctor. I love his homeopathic approach to things. I recently did HCG with him for the third time. I am so happy with my weight loss I am down 22 pounds and maintaining it. if you're looking for alternative medicine this is the guy to go to you. thank you Dr. Vu for all you do!”

— Loni R., Manhattan Beach CA

“The best doctor and team! I can't recommend Dr Vu highly enough! He is so intelligent, knowledgeable, and has so many wonderful alternative therapies. Very kind and helpful all around and everything I could ask for in a doctor.”

— Myrna C.

“Love Dr. Vu and his office staff. They all are very caring people. For years I had been wanting to go on LDN for my symptoms and my western medicine doctors would not prescribe me the medication because they were unaware of the therapy studies done on the med to help with chronic fatigue, inflammation, and joint pain. 10 years later I find Dr. Vu and had the script in two days. He also introduced me to NAD+ therapy. This has changed my life. I have never felt more clear-headed, pain-free and energetic. It felt like I had clean blood running through my veins.
Dr. Vu listens to understand. He will put you on a plan to better health. Thanks. Dr. Vu.

— Jennifer C.

“This review is long overdue. Me and my family have been seeing Dr Vu for about 9 years and he is the best doctor I've ever met!! He genuinely cares about his patients and is dedicated to helping them live the best quality of life possible. Going to other doctors makes me feel like I'm going to a "cattle call". Everybody gets the same treatment and there's no connection. They have tunnel vision and won't go beyond what they learned in med school. Dr Vu doesn't give "cookie cutter" treatment like other doctors do. He takes the time to talk with you and he actually listens to you. Every time I've gone to see him with a random complaint I always leave with a remedy that works. He strives to use natural treatments that benefit the body, mind and spirit. Dr Vu is always staying abreast of the latest treatments to help his patients. Thank you, Dr. Vu for all you have done for me and my family. We are truly grateful.”

— S.L.

“If I could give this guy 10 stars I would!! Dr Vu is an amazing doctor and really cares about his patients and his business(which is unusual sadly in the South Bay.) I've been going to him for about two years now and no matter what strange problem I have, he is there to fix it. He is awesome- thank you Dr. Vu for caring!”

— Jenn S.

“Dr. Vu and Staff are AMAZING!!!! My husband and I have been going to them for years and they really help me with my hypothyroid when no one else could figure out what to do. I feel so much better! Do not hesitate to go.”

— Yoga M.

“Dr. Vu offers very valuable services and is a healer in the true sense of the word. Highly recommended.”

— Jeremy B.

“Thank you Dr Vu for everything...amazing advice both medical and holistic, on healing powers of crystals, and other therapeutic things we can do to enhance our lives! Very caring doctor with a lot of western and eastern information and advice that is very helpful!”

— Skye D.

“I have seen many MDs and other naturopaths in my quest of a healthier lifestyle. I stumbled upon Dr Vu. and he was exactly what i was looking for- a medically trained doctor with holistic approach to your wellness. Dr Vu is very personable & passionate about his work and he is very sincere & caring about your total well being. My main focus of treatment was hormone balancing, hypothyroid issues and received the ozone IV/ myers treatments. This was a game changer for me. Ozone treatments catapult my immune system & energy to another level and things have improved significantly. I feel much stronger overall and in good health even with constant traveling and during high stressful times. The nurses are very professional. They are gentle when doing the IV and you don’t feel much opposed to another IV clinic I went to in the past and they went thru the vein and the IV was very painful and my arm was swollen. I trust Dr Vu nurses to do a pain free IV session every time with no problem. And I feel great afterwards.
They also carry Premier Research Labs supplements and those who know about them know these are top of line, clean & chemical free. For me, that’s a plus! I highly recommend to see Dr Vu if you are looking for a doctor you can trust that will steer your health and well-being in the right direction.

— Bernadette D.

“My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Vu since 2010 with excellent results. What I appreciate about him is his knowledge and commitment to his patients wellbeing. The idea of focusing on wellness and preventative medicine is brilliant. When I came to Dr Vu I was recovering from a cancer surgery and wanted to build my immune system. Basically I wanted to build my immune system to a new level to empower my body to fight off cancers and other illness. As well I didn't want to go through the damaging effects of Chemo and Radiation. Then results have been awesome: cancer free , my serve allergies have cleared up, with no more antibotics and frequent illnesses. One last thought, take his advice on dietary changes. As part of my health regiment I quit sugar, dairy and wheat with great results. As well I eat mostly organic foods including a lot of greens and fruits. Sincerely I can say I feel better now than when I was in my twenties. If you want to feel and live better Dr Vu and his team are a perfect choice for you.”

— Mark T.

“Dr. Vu is an absolute genius. He believes in our well being. He always has me balanced and full of life. I don't know what I would do with out him. His staff Vanessa and Francis always greet me by name. I'm actually a person, and I love coming to see them. I recommend each and everyone of you go visit this office.”

— Lauren C.

“I was very fortunate to find Dr Vu. a MD who is also knowledgeable in Eastern and Alternative medicine. At first I was skeptical but he was able to heal my tendon injury with one prolozone shot, relieve my allergies, boost my stamina and increase my energy levels with testosterone. Overall, he strengthened my immune system through ozone therapy and a Myers cocktail vitamin drips. All this over the course of 4 visits in less than 2 months. I feel amazingly healthy and I am sleeping much better now. I'm converted and a true believer. The results have by far exceeded my expectations! I am recommending him to all my friends and family.”

— Rich H.

“Professional and very caring Doctor and Staff. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Vu's willingness to seek the optimal plan of treatment with keeping abreast of the latest research. Our lifestyles evolve constantly so should our ability to be diagnosed correctly in order to recover. He explains every detail carefully and references the source of the information so you can do your own research for re-assurance and or clarification. My husband and I have been going to him for years. I absolutely would urge you to see this incredible Doctor.

PS If and when I needed to see him ASAP, his staff are very understanding and helpful. I've never received anything but kind words of encouragement from them.”

— Michelle O.

“Everyone wants to know my secret to weight loss. 26 pounds so far and proud of it.
Its not so medical, its really natural. This is super important to me. Two of my friends suggested it to me by how great they looked. The natural way we are designed and the wonderful way that Dr. Vu taught me to eat has literally changed my life. I have a different food pyramid. It s green green green. Imagine 2 cups of green vegs and a playing card deck size protein. I have fresh green beans as a snack instead of potato chips. Canned food is not an answer for me when fresh is so full of taste. Balance of things is not so hard when he gives me a list to follow. Sure the family is eating pizza, pasta and all the stuff that I don't anymore. They are so active its not sticking to them. That's good but not good for me. But wow, do I love the way I feel now.”

— Lynne P.

“When I first visited Dr. Vu I was both malnourished and emotionally distraught after two consecutive black widow bug bites. The ER gave me extensive antibiotics that destroyed not only my immune system, but also all my gut bacteria:( However, Dr. Vu, and his staff, literally brought me back to life through proper testing - that revealed more than my primary care physician could find - and compassionate care through ozone therapy and the best WHOLE holistic approach to return me back to the best me possible! Now I am not only on the mend, but have been revitalized wrt to nutrition, digestion, health, AND ENERGY!!! Thank you for giving "me" back!”

— Rose B.